TF2 Cosmetic: Team textures (READ MORE)

I made a new cosmetic item, which looks:

[img] upload gif from url[/IMG]
and red version:

[img] picture upload sites[/IMG]

(Sorry for polish titles on images but I took them for my friend :slight_smile: )

I need help with creating a QC file for that model with both RED and BLU texture.

If you read my previous post you will know I had a problem with textures. I converted them to VTF and VMT and placed it in valid place, but when I launched a Model Viewer there was only a black and purple texture.

The QC code for skins is just this:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
     { RED }
     { BLU }

Where RED and BLU are the names of your .vmt files.

Wouldn’t it be better to post this in theTF2 emporium in the TF2 section rather than here?

i dont think so :confused: FiveEyes.
Thank you Joe