TF2 Crew run away from a deadly portal

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A lot better then your recent ones.


Heavy’s face is funny

“OH NO!”

More like “Aw. Crap.”

the spy’s posing looks bad

Hm lets see here…

Visual Flaws
-The terrible portal effect is unrecognizable at first, ugly when you do recognize it. You should have used those other weird wavy blue and green portal effects if you insisted upon doing it in game.
-The blood emitter spam in the back is stupid looking and gives no sense that the body parts are flying (It would have looked better if it didn’t have any emitters at all)
-The faceposing is absolutely ridiculous.
-Way too much empty space. Could have been fixed by using a portal effect that wasn’t so bland.
-The posing is terrible. The medic doesn’t appear to be holding onto the heavy in any way, he just kind of has his arm draped over him, and the spy’s running pose is terrible (tuck the god damn asses in)

Logical Flaws
-The pyro seems to be fine for having his arm somehow fall off.
-The sniper’s hat is bleeding for… some… reason…
-The engie doesn’t appear to be getting sucked into the portal like everything else
-Neither is the spy


I think you could’ve chosen a better map to pose this on. At least it’s one of your better poses.

Odd Picture, but does anyone have the link to the Better Phys for the TF2 Models!? =D Pwease?

my two cents


Oh gee, I’m sorry, those are excellent excuses. On second thought don’t take anything I said into account and please don’t try to improve from the god like standard that you are already at.