TF2/CS:S ragdolls unposeable

When I try to face/finger post TF2 and CS:S ragdolls nothing happens. I do not use -dxlevel. The HL2 ragdolls work fine. I think it may be the settings I have, Im running on all low and Trilnear.

I don’t think CS:S ragdolls have bone maps (or whatever they’re called) so they can’t be posed anyway. As for TF2 that should work, sorry for my lack of help

Never knew that, but I still need help with the TF2 ragdolls.


Bump again.

CSS characters aren’t faceposable since the models doesn’t include some Vertex Animation file for the face, but TF2 does, so TF2 characters should be Faceposable.

Also, CSS characters should be fingerposable, they all have bones for the fingers (TF2 characters too). It’s weird that you can’t even fingerpose them.

Maybe you have installed some Addon that fucked up your finger and face poser…

Model Detail needs to be on medium or high to pose fingers/faces. Also, check if r_lod and r_rootlod are below or exactly are 0.

I had it on low. Now its fixed, thanks!