TF2 Cube Maps Not Building

Note that none of the world geometry needs the cubemaps, just some models.

The method of

mat_specular 0
mat_specular 1
sv_cheats 1
sv_cheats 0

isn’t changing anything.

Could you give more information?

Any model that has a reflective surface is showing the pink and black checkerboards.

I’m not sure if any thing reflective like water would do the same thing, because my map doesn’t have any reflective world geometry.

is there a skybox?

Maybe you forgot to add “env_cubemap” entities in your map? They should be at the players eye hight

if there are no env_cubemaps, the engine wont build them

Yes it will. It will use the skybox. as long as they are all the same size, like in hl2.

it always refused to do that for me.
nevermind. :<

No there is no skybox, however if you exit the map you see one instead of blackness (which doesn’t happen in other Source games oddly).

Also as far as I understand, TF2 does not have default cubemaps.

Here’s the outside of my map.

Should I just add a small skybox outside?

You need to seal the ma

If you had a custom skybox where each side was the samesize vbsp would make a default cubemap for that skybox. You need to place env_cubemap entities.

Doesn’t matter, as long as you are inside and there are no leaks.

Would you see a sky anywhere in your map?

The map has no leaks, I painstakingly made sure of that earlier with the pointfile.

I don’t have a custom skybox nor is there anywhere you would see one in my map. Am I able to attach env_cubemap entities to props? Or do I not need to attach them at all?


Apparently I didn’t need to attach them, that worked. Thanks.

Try my video tutorial, maybe?

Er thanks, but Firegod522 already solved my problem.

Oh, sorry about that then. I scan through pages, maybe I should actually read one of these days. :v:

Well while you’re here actually, is there a reason half of my clip/playerclip brushes keep disappearing? Do I just have too many? I don’t have any map errors related to them and nothing comes up in the compile log about them. They’re wedge shaped, if that matters. I’ve tried them in world geometry, func_detail, func_brush, and func_wall, but it doesn’t stop them from disappearing.

Hmm, I’m actually not sure. I’ve never had a problem like that honestly.

I’ll try changing half of them to playerclip and leave the other half as clip (they work the same in TF2), and see what happens.

Nevermind, seems the brushes were just too small.

And can anyone explain to me why there are weird shadows on half my map, but no weird shadows on the other half (which is just a retextured mirrored half)?
(We really need a megathread for Hammer questions).