TF2 Custom Player Model Bone Problems

I finally spent my entire day working on modifying a custom player model in blender for the engineer. I imported the custom model, saved the hands on a separate smd (engie has only a nub for his right hand) then cut the model in half, mirror modified and did my tweaks to the model. I went to test the exported model in game and the right arm elbow has gone out of whack, stretching the elbow almost 2 feet from the model. I went back to see if any of my procedures caused a mess up with the model. Mirror modifying did nothing wrong and neither did merging the hands so I would think it has something to do with the polygon adjustments I did. Anyone know what might be the cause of this and why it’s just the right arm? Everything has been mirrored so it should be fine on both sides.

Also, could this be resolved by tweaking any settings using notepad++? The customized model I did is pretty much rigged by the custom model’s bones I used so if there’s any setting in the default that I could copy over to my custom script, that might help.
I did a check too in the files. The bone is bip_lowerArm_R and the numeric value is the same as the default. Again, not sure what’s wrong with the model.

Edit: It turns out it’s not just the right elbow. The entire rigging has been completely changed up.

I think the mirrored right half is still rigged to the left bones. You need to separate and transfer the weights.

Just post your SMD, it would be a lot easier to tell what’s going on.

Is there specific assigning from polygons to bones? I always thought the bone placement itself was what solidified the body in-game. I recently did this with the soldier model and I had no troubles with its rigging. Anyways, I’m trying my best to replicate a new model from the previous. If these problems come back, then I’ll know it’s how the model is sculpted. I’m beginning to think that maybe the bone segment is being overloaded with the space the polygons take up but that’s just my theory.

There is a specific list of verts as well as what bones they’re assigned to and by how much. When you add a mesh to a skeleton (or vice-verse), it doesn’t automatically know what goes where and how it should move. Some programs may assign verts to the nearest bone when the skinning process is started, but it’s up to an actual person to ensure the rig is correct and smooth. When the bone is animated and moving about, the vert is pulled along with the bone in an amount based on its weight which basically just means that the weight map is responsible for handling how verts actually move with the skeleton.

Up to this point, I have already made a fully functional duplicate. All I can say is that I best keep saving my blender files separately if I want fully functioning models. Thanks for the input though.