Tf2 dual pistols skin request

Can someone make a dual pistols skin for scout, and if possible engineer? I like the looks of dual wielding pistols so I would love a dual pistols skin.

May I ask what a shotugn is?

A shotgun… I misspelled it.

The problem with dual pistols is that the world model will either look like shit, not exist, or will have to be just one of the pistols. There are no player animations for dual weaponry.


But who says we can’t make them?
I’ve thought about doing this, but I don’t have any good animation program available at the moment.

I would really appreciate this if anyone made it. Playing tf2 always made me feel empty without dual pistols because I like how it looks.

So can anyone do this?


The concept of dual weapons kinda suck. Counter Strike pretty much proved that with their dual elites. They SUCK.

And we have enough problems with “BALANCING TF2”.

Well you see, it would be sorta easy to display it when you are holding them in first person mode but the hard part would be to get it to display as a world model so you could see it on another play or while taunting.

What the fuck you smokin boy? The berettas rock in CSS.


He probabaly sucks at the game and gets killed with them, cause I use them alot.

Assuming that the normal model has a couple of different animations for shooting (to provide a slightly different shot each time), you could just have each different gun shoot.
It might not always be L-R-L-R-L-R because the system would probably be random.
(also, the system might not even exist)

Aw… I was really hoping for it. Im ok if only I have it on my character as a weapon. I dont have to see it on other characters or when I taunt if that helps. It would be best if it can.

Go look at Counter Strife. It shows how much the dualies and other weapons suck/rule.