Tf2 dudes killing eachother n stuff

So yeah, I made a pose. Deal with it.
It’s my first pose and edit in months… Got bored so I felt like making a pose.


screenshot quality looks very low

posing is good

Yeah I totally fucked it up, I was gonna remove all the fragments, but when I removed those around the characters I gave up and decided to post it…

The blood looks incredibly pasted and the demoman’s posing is extremely stiff but everyones else’s posing/fingerposing is great.

DoF looks spot on too. Nice work.

I disagree on the DoF, I think it looks a bit weird.
But the posing is pretty damn good on everyone except on the demo as it was said before.

Glad to see you’re back.

I don’t think he’s back.

Looks good, blood doesn’t fit that well though

Yea, demo doesn’t look too good. Too much empty space as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think I’m back… But we’ll see.


Yeah I totally fucked up the demo, the quality is fucked aswell.

Gonna try making a better one soon.

Welcome back if you’re coming back, I have no quarrel with you.

One that I’ll make a big deal out of anyway.

Sweet posing, apart from the demoman - the gore says he’s stabbing, but he looks more like he is swinging downwards.

The editing is okay although the blood looks very static and pasted on and also quite uncharacteristically dark.

The horrible jpeg quality is really killing this picture sadly.

Tbh, swinging it down didn’t even come to mind when I posed this… But yeah it does look like that is what he’s doing tho.

I’ll whipp up something better tomorrow I hope

blood looks copy and pasted

Are you the king of un-productive replies today?

Looks kinda weird.

How does it look weird?

you can’t just say "Looks kinda weird. " without explaining what looks weird.

The posing of the soldier looks like he’s been peeing himself.

If I would be that Engie, I would look around and wonder why my friend has been stabbed by a crazed swordsman.

The posing is good, except for the Demo’s of cource, and the blood looks too realistic/copy-pasted to actually fit in.

Welding masks don’t provide that much peripheral vision, plus much of his view is blacked out.