TF2 Entities

I was thinking back when i played Tf2 alot, and how the halloween sessions where REALLY fun.

This is sort of for developers… But i guess its for fun aswell.

Entities Included:

Full Health
Medium Health
Small Health
Full Ammo
Medium Ammo
Small Ammo
Exploding Pumpkin
Halloween Medium Health
Halloween Small Health
Sandvich Plate

There a screenshot at the download.


Now you need to remake your TF2 SWEPS!

Ah, good idea, Ive been getting better with the particle system aswell ^^

I will be here if you want me as tester ^^
I will love to use a Lugermorph or any other scout weapon.
PS:Remake that old character commands and make them use the playermodel with its anims and sound.

Thats a little harder than it looks, I would have to redo player animation sets.

Then, forgot-it!
Only remake the sweps, thats it!
PS:The bools (i think thats the name for the complements like the charging targe) needs some tweaks.
And the microphone problem (maybe fixed in the new engine).

Nice work wizey.

Do they hover a little bit off of the ground like they do in TF2?