TF2 & faceposer, not working at all (not about the presets)


My brother was complaining about not being able to pose TF2 models, the circle appears, but whatever you do, the faces will not pose at all, they will not move. I’m aware that the presets normally will make a tf2 character’s face glitch up, but as I’ve said the face poser does nothing at all. I used to be able to pose. Is a recent update responsible? Both of our systems are affected, so specs shouldn’t matter.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Holy sht. My avatar is a fcking bieber.

This happens if the Model Detail is not on high (and maybe med). Do that, and you have posable TF2 ragdolls.

Any way to fix this?

EDIT: Other than putting the model detail on high? Because my comp sucks.

Not really, the model detail must be at least medium and that is only “fix” at the moment.