TF2 Febuween

I felt like making some nice Halloween TF2 screenshots!
In February.

(Click for larger image. Images are 1600 x 1200)

The first and last are pretty cool.

What would you say is wrong with the middle one?

It looks rather boring…try adding different effects and maybe a prop. Better yet try a different angle.

I’ll have a shot with it on koth_harvest_event, since it has this really cool, huge orange moon.

I was sort of going for Wallpapers for moy computer with these images, But i agree it could use more.

It doesn’t necessarily need more objects, just less emptiness. I’d find another angle where the moon and Were-Demoman take up most of the screen.

I did a few more.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb][/thumb][thumb]

Also, here are the alternate Demo-wolf shots.
Which one looks the best?

I’d say Number 3. Maybe 6.