TF2 Female medic hexed

I didn’t make this model, just hexed it. All credits going here

Ololo! Good.

Damn, must have been hard eh buddy?!
Congratulations! I’ll download right now!

Omg, there is also a female heavy !

Yes, but I’ll hex it later. Also, there’s a new pyro female! :smiley:

Keep up the good hexing work. Looking forward to the Heavy.

jason ported the pyro female already i think.

shit, never mind.

Sonic, I did do the Pyro. Also Engineer, don’t bother with Heavy. She didn’t work when I tried it

Yeah, your right. You did do it. But then I saw what he meant, a newer version. I tryed the heavy in tf2, invisible. Probably a bug.

The heavy is awaiting V2. It is very buggy in Tf2.

Did this really need a thread?

Do half of the things in the general discussuion need a thread?

I wouldn’t have known about this were it not for the thread.

I have ask though, of what concern of yours is it? Are you paying per thread to keep Facepunch online?

I too never knew about the Heavy and the Medic/Hidden Pyro females.

Somehow I can see her being the Heavy’s girlfriend. Thanks for the hex, this is quite useful.

Please it isnt that hard all you need to do is to hex the models by changing the with a program.

And now that someone else did it we don’t have to. Now quit your whining.

Are they hexed?

Yes :buddy: