TF2: Flee, Medic! And take my Sanvich! (and 2 pics more)

two pics from my old unmade comix 8)
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

and this… just… something o.O

The faceposing and the lightning…

Got a 1920x1080 version of that?

so dramatic!

I especially like in the second picture how the spy’s thumb isn’t on the fuel button thingy

Other than that, their excellentpictures! :buddy:

nope. sorry %) it was made on 1024*768 >_< old one really.

Bugger. I would’ve definetly used it as my wallpaper.

he horribly needs a zipo
i mean how is he supposed to be stylish with a regular lighter?

imagine that with the scout’s mom carving on it…like the ambass’

God speed medic, god speed. -Red Heavy

Lol Pyro posing is hilarious. I love it.

I think we found the best TF2 screenshot maker.


A man and his Sandvich…

I love the cartoony pose on the pyro, it’s flawless.

Same here.

It’d be a lot more serious if the pyro wasn’t a 50’s cartoon character lol

Wow, Great posing!

Loved the pyro in the background of that one. :smiley:

I dont see any flaws on your main picture, I really like it. Shame that its so small


Agreed! That would Purdy Darn Sexy if you ask me. :smug:

Hopefully a Modeler is watching. :ninja:

There is a Zippo model in the Dav0r’s pack on, its not TF2-ish but I think it will do the trick for you guys.

Also the pics are quite nice.

i haven’t found a zippo that fits the image, i’m too lazy 8)