[TF2] Friends at a Bar

This is my first real screenshot. Criticize, break it down and be a picky bastard if you want. Just tell me how to fix it in the future.

Things I know I did wrong:
JPEG compression (ewww)

Editing is really bad. The pouring scrumpy stinks (especially the splash). If someone could direct me to a water/rain/splash tutorial for GIMP I would appreciate it)

P.S. Demo is drunk he’s not pouring it on purpose.

not bad for your first screenshot.

I think the Demoman could do with slumping on the counter to make him look totally wasted. Maybe put some stuff in the background to make it feel like a big bar. Other than that, it’s great.

pretty nice, angle could be better

Yay, I got somewhat positive feedback on my first!

Nitrowing: I was trying to make it look like he was swaying left and right, but that probably would have been better. And I got kind of lazy in the background and it was really late when I made this. Must have forgotten to fill in the background.