TF2/GMOD Short - "Wake Up"

Description: When the red teams heavy doesnt respond to his teams backup calls, red team sends in their messenger, Gman.

About: This is my first singleplayer short skit involving TF2 and GMOD, as good as constructive critism can be, let me get some things down first that I know I can improve on before you tell me

  • SDK Faceposer could of been used
    -Audio is a bit F*cked up
    -posings arent the greatest

I think those are some important points that could be improved on, but now for the video :

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bumped for some feedback and comments :slight_smile: No trolls please :smiley:

1- Should have added a sound effect to the sounds coming out of the radio to simulate the quality of radio sound, and maybe a “ceeerrrccchhh” sound at the end of the radio call
2- Should have made screen shots with the in game faceposer to make the ragdolls talk rather then a single picture of the heavy smiling while he is suppose to be talking. example-
3- Overall 4/10. Don’t take it to seriously though. All the greats in any art form where criticized harshly before they became great. Just keep it up and get better

Thanks, wasnt taken to seriously, good to hear some respectable feedback :slight_smile:

It was ok 5/10