TF2 Gmod SWEPS Error!

I bought a non steam version of TF2 about a year ago in stores and i got it to work in gmod by dragging Models, Scripts, and such into main garrys mod folder but i downloaded silverlans TF2 sweps and the mini-gun bullet tracers and effects work and the melee weapons work but all the other weapons don’t have Effects, Bullet Tracers, Reload Sounds and every time I shoot the ammo count remains the same… Any help World be Greatly Appreciated…

Gifting me TF2, well I’d do anything you’d ask me too do :slight_smile:

There is no non-steam version of TF2. :raise:

Sir, you’ve been ripped off, A NON STEAM VERSION OF TF2? Punch that fucking guy in the face. Non-steams… Don’t have online support, and run like shit. Your pretty dumb, tbh, to fall for that. Get your money back. Also, you BOUGHT some SHIT that doesn’t even work and is illegal? You definetly need your money back and call the cops on this bitch. Fucking Pirate eh?


** ON TOPIC:**
I am not going to explain how to get it in Gmod, until you get a Legal copy of TF2. Can we see photos? Here’s what it should look like:

file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/343N%7E1.AGW/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.png [IMG]

And inside it, it should have a booklet, and CD Key inside, I know because I had another account with it, then got VAC’d.

i bought it from gamstop… i’m gonna have a little talk with that guy…

but heres the error anyways not that it matters now…

(autorun/tf_modulus_ammo_ext.lua:35: attempt to call method ‘SetCustomAmmo’ (a nil value))

Guess i’ll get the orange box on steam for my Birthday…

there is no non-steam retail version of TF2, TF2 doesn’t work without steam and the only non-steam version is the pirated version

He probably meant that he got the boxed version of TF2, non-steam meaning not purchased from steam.

got the orange box and sued the gamestop guy now hes in deep sh-i-i-i but anyways thank for ya telling me bout no non steam tf2 now i got a 15K settlement but yeah tf2 is awesome along wth episode 1 and 2 oh and teh awesome portal… :slight_smile: now all i need is CSS… i have the old free beta version content… but it works no complaints no complaints…