TF2 Graphics Mod Idea - Bring me more boxes to put my awesome ideas in

I’m back, and this time in the appropriate category.
This thread is only worth your time if you’re a fan of renard’s music

I can barely model, but here’s the idea if someone wants to do it:
Make models of tf2 classes as renard aliases. I spent a few minutes assigning classes to artists, though they could be changed if you have a better idea.

TQBF - scout
Klippa - soldier
Kitsune^2 - engi
Mayhem - pyro
Jackal queenston - spy
Austrys - sniper
Renard - medic
Adrean - heavy
Kit - demo

Negaren - the horseless headless horseman

And yes, we all know that someone made a terrifyingly bad model of renard for medic already.