TF2 Group Photo!

This is my first ‘Major’ Photoshop edit!

C&C and what do I need to do to Improve? Please! I need all the help I can get at this point! =D
P.S I know this looks abit F!@#ed up but whatever! =D

OH YEAH! Edits are welcome =D

Wouldn’t that knife give the Spy away?

Nice editing.

Everything looks good actually.nothing to improve at all.
Well just that the knife would make him an obvious spy.

Knife is probably for show off :v:
posing is good.

Well…Their not supposed to see that…Sneaky Sneaky (Hence the Mask)

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Spies face seems a little bit overdone.
Lol the demoman already know that he is a spy(look at his face)

I like the picture.
Nice work keep it up!

Nice. I lol’d.

Faceposing needs some work, RED Spy’s left arm looks odd, and was it really necessary to edit it? It’s way more rewarding when you can make a picture look good without editing.

Lol nice work. Editing is pretty good.

Decent posing, and I like the faceposing actually, I find neither of them overdone or out of place, or anything like that.

All the spy arms I see are clipping rather noticeably. probably more the model’s fault than yours, but still snags my eye.

it’s an interesting dilemma, whether the spy’s knife is actually invisible to enemies even in such a context, or if they’re actually just a bit simple and choose to just marvel at the soldier’s newly found knife balancing skills. I’m leaning towards the latter. That said, it’s a butterfly knife, you’d have a pretty hard time balancing it like that. Or, well, depends on the heaviness of the handle. If it’s heavy enough, it would “clip” onto your finger a bit and actually make balancing easy. Then again, then the actual knife’s tip would start pinching or even sinking into the finger.

The editing isn’t bad, but I find it pointless. What’s the use of just darkening and (apparently) graining the picture a bit? TF2 pictures are, as a rule, allowed to be even unnaturally bright, and grain is hardly ever a good thing and to be used sparingly even when fitting.

It’s cool.A bit on the grainy side, though.

This. Don’t use editing when you don’t need too. Most cinematic effects can be achieved using post processing effects from Garry’s Mod, and they look way more natural when used wisely.

Thanks for the advice everyone! and this was basically a test, I was just expertimenting with Photoshop, I still like this though. Oh yeah, Original

I like the original more…

Looks nice.

Oh… actually I should probably have said “(apparently) darkened”, since you actually lightened it by editing O_0… still, the edit looks more natural.

Might actually do with editing, on second thought, a more natural lighting out, so as to achieve the typical TF2 colour scheme.

Red spy’s shoulder is clipping with his torso.

Looks good.

I love it. great job keep them coming.

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