TF2 hacked parts pack

[release]TF2 hacked items pack[/release]
A pack of TF2 parts I hacked off the classes. Requires TF2 and this stool to cycle the skins- (When installed, use right click to change skin)

-The Soldier helmet has been hacked and I hexed it but this one has applied uber and gold textures

-Same goes for the Soldier and Pyro’s grenades, Bloocobalt did them but this one has added uber and gold textures

-The Sniper’s glasses aren’t black like the uber, only the rim of it is ubered

List of props-
-A shit ton of pouches
-Sniper’s bullets (On his chest)
-Engie’s belt buckle
-Engie’s shoes
-Scout’s dog tags
-Scout’s hat
-Scout’s headset
-Pyro’s grenade
-Soldier’s grenade
-Soldier’s helmet
-Pyro’s shoes
-Pyro’s gas tank
-Sniper’s glasses
-Engie’s cables
-Demoman’s grenade
-Heavy’s bullet belt
-Sniper’s machete case
-Engie’s holster
-Medic’s backpack
-Scout’s bag
-Pyro’s mask
-Engi Goggles
-Engie hat

TF2 mini hacks pack V1
-Hacked apart KGB gloves
-Hacked apart gun boats
-No Scope Sniper
-Clipless SMG
-SMG clip
-Hacked off Soldier medal

TF2 Sniper hat and Medic glasses
-Medic glasses
-Sniper hat

This will be pretty useful for making comics, good job!

Missing Pyro gasmask.

I couldn’t get it off, I did manage to get the gasmask from the dressing locker but its low quality. Also, didn’t Enhanced make a gibs pack with clean masks and hats?

thx :I


Nice work !

You should also add the medic backpack…

Actually, I did port the backpack but for some reason the skin groups refused to work. The red skin worked fine

Old image from when I first started

Thanks, this is useful. Nice job.

Also, people are free to reskin and/or hex any skins you made or found but with proper credit of course

This is very useful, thank you.

downloading nao!


since when do i need to register and verify i own gmod to download stuff from

also,i have a request for you,i’d like the weapons to have a ubered version
can you do that?

These are very useful and well made, good job Jason!

i can’t find them in the browser,where are they located?

Just click the Garrysmod folder

The blue highlighted folder

Well I found the invuln textures in the GCF, so I decompiled the bat and applied the skin groups (Using the found invuln texture) but it came out with missing materials. So, I don’t know how to make uber weapons yet.

kthx :v:


Oh no! Database crash?

I would put it on another site but I’m not sure if I should seeing how Garry implanted the verifying for a reason

Ah. It works now.