[TF2] [Hammer] Portal Zones began to disappear and glitch out

I have been using that beta 2fort map source that Valve included with the SDK. Everything is going fine, I’m expanding the areas, adding crap, texturing crap, deleting stuff. All was going fine, that is, until I began editing the intel room in red’s base. I remember deleting a piece of glass, and an areaportal, that’s about it as far as deletion goes. Now, all the areaportals in the map seem to nodraw the stuff behind them, until you walk through. Here are screencaps:


Please note that I have tried with no-vis, fast-vis AND full-vis with fast rad. All fails. I left out a cubemap entity which might have been linked to the glass and portal that I have deleted. Could that be it?

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Yes the map will now take place at night :smiley: I love the khajiitly environment

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I have just fixed this. I re-added an areaportal in the red intel and the whole map is fixed once again. Can anybody explain to me why removing one areaportal messed up the whole map like that?

When you removed the areaportal from the window, I think, it created a area portal leak, it can only be confirmed by the compile log.

Area portals must seal a building (windows, doors, roofs)

Unfortunately, I have overwritten the compile log. However I think you are right, since you pretty much guessed where I took the areaportal out. Much thanks, nicolas :smiley: