TF2 Hat texture problem. Need help asap!

Hi, I decided to create a hat for tf2 (for workshop submition). I already did a model (work fine), created a texture (fine, too) but everything is well in blender. When I opened a model in HLMV (compiled and with textures converted to vmt and vtf) model had a purple and black texture instead of my orginal texture.

How it looks in Model Viewer:

My Material file (vmt):

	"$baseTexture" "player\items\scout/hat_helmet"
	"$selfillum" "1"


My QC file:

$modelname "player\items\scout\hat_helmet.mdl"

$bodygroup "Body"
	studio "hat_helmet.smd"

$cdmaterials "\models\player\items\scout\"

$surfaceprop "cloth"

$contents "solid"

$sequence "idle" "idle.smd" {
	fps 30

$collisionmodel "hat_helmet.smd"
	$mass 5
	$inertia 1
	$damping 0
	$rotdamping 0


$lod 2
	replacemodel "hat_helmet.smd" "lod02.smd"

$lod 1
	replacemodel "hat_helmet.smd" "lod01.smd"

I tried to create a source texture format from both .tga and .png (and .jpg, too).
Please help me :frowning:

Additional info:
Texture is created in Gimp
Exported from .tga and .png to .vtf using VTFEdit by Nemesis
Model tested and viewed in TF2’s ItemTest and TF2’s Model Viewer
Thats all.

Forward slash?

Open your SMD with notepad++ and see if the texture name is the same as “hat_helmet”.

You’ll find the right name after ‘triangles’ :


Yes I see those in code, but extension is .tga. Is it wrong?

I found that in tf2’s medkit .vmt, so I think if this slash is in official .vmt, so maybe it will fix my problem, but it isn’t :frowning:

The extension doesn’t really matter. If you said you found ‘hat_helmet’ in the code, then the SMD is correct.

Next thing you should ‘fix’ is the $cdmaterials. I’m not sure if it’s causing your textures to be missing, but the first backslash shouldn’t be there, try just:

$cdmaterials "models\player\items\scout\"

Thanks, I will test it

Oh wait, I think I got it.

Your vmt’s basetexture command isn’t pointing to the right path where the texture is located at:

	"$baseTexture" "player\items\scout\hat_helmet"

It should be:

	"$baseTexture" "models\player\items\scout\hat_helmet"

Also, don’t forget to put the vmt and vtf files in the right place: “<root>\materials\models\player\items\scout”


Not work, sorry :frowning: Still Need help

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I think it’s must be a VTF issue, not vmt or QC but it’s only my theory