TF2 Hats as props.

That would be very useful.

You can find them all in the “browse” option under the Q menu.

some hats are effects,i wanna them all,but as props.

Didn’t you already make a thread about this very thing?


Also, try GM_mount.

TF2 is one of the games that uses the built in GMod mount tool.

Also, it seems that Valve/modders are lazy and forgot about them.

And I would do this, but all the stuff is on my broken computer, and same with the ones I have done.

Only the base TF2 models are mounted automatically. If, for instance, I wanted the class update weapons and hats, I would need to make spawnlists by hand. Since that’s a pain in the ass, I use GM_mount to automatically mount anything new that comes into the game. Essentially, the game is always up-to-date.

Totally not an endorsement, try it.

You talking about spawnlist,i talking about makin’ effect hats into prop hats.

There is a thing on that has all the hats as props i think.

Tried,not working.
or it is just me?

No no no. All the stuff is in GMod as soon as TF2 is mounted. It just isn’t in any spawn lists.

Ever heard of something called the Browse menu?

That’s not what he’s asking for. He wants the hats such as the Demoman’s Fro and the other Demoman hats to have physics models. As of now, they are effects, making them rather difficult to pose with.

Wait, am I the only one that some how has all the Demoman’s hats as props except the fro?

Me too,i need not the only demo,i need all hats what effect to props.

I know that, I was just fixing his statement.

You gotta go into the browse menu and find em in the Team Fortress 2 folder, I think.

Dumb,i fucking know where they are,but in browse menu they are still effects,not props.

So,anyone have any ideas about it?

Same problem ive got to wonder why some of them are effects and others are physics.

the same,i need that ones what effects as props.