Tf2 hats.(read it's not what you're thinknig)

when i say hat’s i mean with the particle effects (unusual hats)
is it possible to have them in Gmod?
and if so can someone make it?
and than if they do can they post link?

I think you should go find in ToyBox thing called “Particle tester” or “Particle”

ill go search that up

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i found it,
But i have hlep2 installed but it sais i dont? what should i do i tried re-installing both hlep2 and Gmod still sais im missing hl ep2?!??!?

Have you enabled Episode 2 from the extensions menu?

TY! u sir ty! i never knew thats what that was for and for the other guy ty sooo much for helping me with the effects!

so is it possible to wear the unusual effects? like on ur own playermodel

Don’t think so

Also, I wonder when we’ll be able to parent/weld particles to props.