TF2 Heads

This request is a bit creepy, because I don’t want to Inflator every part of ragdoll body.
Even when I do this there is always stay some un-Inflatorable parts of it.

So this is my request.
Could someone RIP off only heads from TF2? I mean they must be possible to pose (normal face and HWM face).
I need 'em to my vid.

It’s possible like someone did with Engineer Robot Hand…

Not a creepy request at all. It makes sense if it’s for posing.

I’m pretty sure someone could do this, and I’d definitely download it.

bump anyone can do this?

Maybe ask Jason278, he is a bit busy but…he does these types of things I think? Im not sure on this, but it wouldnt hurt to ask.

He cant really do this, he can do props, but not ragdolls/faceposing.

He could ragdoll the necks or something, as I also support this request.

It can be done in HL2, so why not TF2 (headspack)

I think he means something along the lines of what Bloocobalt did with the citizen heads.