tf2 heavy hat

could somebody make a plants vs zombie football zombie’s helmet for the heavy

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You didn’t had to make a thread for this… I mean, there already is a football helm ingame. It’s a bit hard than someone would want to make another one.

well good point im sorry

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but honestly i really would like it done so i am trying to get people to listen so i posted it on both the emporium and this

i know but i already pitched my idea to the emporium and they shot it down and i really want this so i posted it here

Do you just want it as a prop for Gmod or does it have to be an actual replacement for the helmet in TF2?

actual hat replacement

This is the section for GMOD so go to FPSBanana or somewhere where they do TF2 skins and not GMOD stuff.

o well then ill just move this thread over to the tf2 section then