TF2: HL2 Models

okay so ive found this…

and this…

the problem i have is that the second model (alyx) isnt working despite my best efforts (which isnt alot i know). ive done the usual, followed the instructions and placed the files where they should go…but no model.

so i thought since it says “final reskin” it made me think is it not talking about the original alyx being reskin’d is there already a TF2 alyx model out there and that this is a reskin for that?.

so i went about looking for a model or pack and found the pack in the top link. no alyx, no barney etc BUT is there another pack out there?

can anyone help with this one?

i apologiese if this post has gone in the wrong section, ive been banned so many times now ive lost track, i cant find anywhere else to post this, so instead of banning me…how about you cut a thick fuck a break and just tell him where to post it and NOT BAN ME! im not as computer smart as you people so im sorry!

I think the guy who made them isn’t finished with all the characters yet. Be patient and wait for a new release.

No,they aren’t finished yet.
The thread is dead…

i didnt know if someone was still doing them or not, (i couldnt find a post on it) atleast you guys saying that it’s “not finished yet” means you know that something is actually still being made.

altho when you say the thread is dead, that doesnt hold up much hope haha.

cheers guys.