TF2: How To Replace Bodygroups With New Model

Not sure if this is solvable but, I’m wondering how to toggle custom bodygroups on or off when using a new model. For example: replacing the Sniper’s default hat with a new hat. In my case, I’m trying to use a body cosmetic but I need to hide the other bodygroups attached to the player model such as arm bands, bandoliers, grenades, etc.

Impossible unless you edit items_game.txt, but that never works.

I was so hoping to fix that.
Alright then, thanks for telling me.

And just for future reference this type of question should go in the TF2 section since it’s TF2-specific.

And you don’t even need to make a new thread, if you have a question about making mods just ask it in the emporium.

I’ll remember that next time.