TF2 HUD in Gmod

Is it possible to have the TF2 hud in Gmod? I want to create a TF2 themed video in Gmod and being able to have the actual TF2 HUD would be great. I’ve searched around on the site and I’ve found a few custom HUDs but sadly none which are TF2 themed. Help would be very much appreciated.

I don’t think one has ever been made, actually I’m surprised at that :raise:

Hmm, I suppose I could have a go at making one, if I find a good enough HUD tutorial.

There are no HUD Tutorials.

If you have Photoshop and SonyVegas/Adobe After effects you could just edit it.
Or you could create it yourself, I think you can extract the vtfs or whatever they are. Or just photoshop them.

Seeing as CS is a source game this could come in handy

Here. As an example I made this in Photoshop, nothing too difficuilt. If you don’t have Sony Vegas or After effects, download a free trial (Or just don’t bother making a movie >.>).

It’s easy to do with the TF2 Fonts, Custom shape and direct selection tools.

I made a TF2 HUD for my gamemode.

It’s still far from finished though. If you want to see some more screenshots, look though the last pages of this thread. :slight_smile:

What’s the difference from the normal HUD?

Why would you want a hud in a machinima?

if, for example you wanted to play through the HL2 campaign as one of the classes from tf2, then you would need it, either that, or have no hud at all with cl_drawhud 0

i am working on a tf2 HUD for gmod so hang it there!

Why did you have to bump this, monmonstar? :colbert:

Ontopic: Look for _Kilburn’s TF2 gamemode, it’s got a TF2 HUD. Just type in console “changeclass whatever class” for a class that’s not the Scout, and for a simple GMod player, just type “changeclass gmodplayer”.


Look through there and you’ll find a MediaFire link to it as the SVN is down.

That gamemode is sadly broken to shit, the console commands don’t even work anymore.

Really? Works fine for me :\