TF2 in GMOD help

Can anyone answer these questions for me?

  1. Where are the disguise masks for the spy located?

  2. Is it possible to use skins from TF2 in gmod, and how so?

  3. Is there any way to shrink the GMOD screenshots down to a more reasonable size rather than the screen sized picture it is now.

If anyone can answer these questions, I thank them in advance.

First, wrong section, I believe this belongs in Help & Support. [sp]Trying to help a new person, not trying to backseat mod.[/sp]

Next, I can’t answer one off the top of my head, but I can say that if by skins you mean models, you can, but I can’t find the link to the whole model pack, so here are a few:

Next, you can’t selectively take a screenshot of an area in Gmod, if you want to change the size open it in something like paint and crop it. If that doesn’t float your boat try Paint.Net, GIMP, or Picnik( for easy stuff like cropping.

  1. I think they’re a different bodygroup. All those extra spy skins you see in the spawn menu are him with the masks, but they’re a different body group so they don’t show up.

  2. Just install them as you would for TF2 but in the Gmod folder rather than the TF2 one

  3. Either resize the screenshot in paint once you’ve taken it, or decrease your resolution to whatever size you want the original shots to be.

EDIT: the guy above me is wrong btw. The OP said skins, not models.

I perceived it as models because you can’t exactly use the other skins without an addon. I figured I’d provide something else that may be relevant for him that doesn’t involve skins.

Wouldn’t this allow him to change the skins of a spy model?

I think he meant skin replacements like you’d get in TF2, which you can use without any addons. You can spawn alternate skins for a lot of objects (like the spy ragdoll) from the spawn menu.

No, as the mask is in a separate bodygroup to the normal spy model.