TF2: in the dark (wallpapers)

yep, btw, my screen resolution is 1280*1024, so that’s the biggest size




dumb bonus ) [posing in process]


Awesome! :dance:

[sp]Oh god his eyes.[/sp]

I like very much.


I’d say that you make better TF2 pictures than Enhanced_AI, but it could hurt his feelings.

You hurt him so bad I felt it.


Holy crap!

Huh, what did you do to get them look so soft and nice? :open_mouth:

Awesome job!

1st one is my new wallpaper.

That second one is amazing. The 3rd one is great too.

photoshop handwork )

Dude, valve should hire you to make their artwork, you are way better then the crappy people they use now!

Awesome pics dude, it’s such a shame that I can’t use them all as my wallpaper!


I like the demoman, medic and soldier one the most, so I’ll use that one.
But they are all fucking awesome.

Good pics.:aaa:


rated artistic, enough said.

awesome :smiley:

Really well done. Shame for the resolution though, the facial expressions are priceless.

He’s watching you.