TF2 Infected. wip

So far I’ve done the witch. All that’s left to do on her are the teeth, and I gotta fix the textures on some parts. I’ll try and do all the special infected from L4D2. And if I still have enough energy I’ll do the survivors from both games, minus Zoey as she’s already been done.

I’ll also need someone to hex these some time. :B

Brings me back to when I tried to TF2 isize the Tank

Did you finish it? If so I can tick him off the list too.

Yeah but it looked like shit

Seams everywhere up in dis bitch


Also what happened to your tf2 citizens man those looked cool

I’m still working on those, just got a little sidetracked when they got kinda bugged.


Witch is released.

Going to work on the Jockey next.

I don´t get this mod at all, it just look like a fucking downgrade to me, no offense

If you are so kind can you explain it to me?

It’s supposed to resemble the style of the Team Fortress 2 characters.
So technically it is a downgrade, but only to make it fit the style of something else.

Oh ok ok.

If its for TF2 style then its ok

actually looks quiet good.

It’s just in the style of TF2. So, downgrading is a must or it won’t fit in at all. Tho I thought the title of the topic would have been a big giveaway.

If you do boomer, do the boomette and the dead legs.

I’ll release him after I fixed even more bugs and texture mismatch. ¬_¬


Phew. Next up L4d1 hunter.

I am scared by the jockeys face now :ohdear:

I like these alot! Can anyone say TF2 Zombie mod? Yeah , Yeah!?

yeah that would be nice

Suprisingly had alot of problems with the hunter, I’ll get back to him if I find the motivation. Anyways, I started with the survivors, after Rochelle I’ll do Coach maybe.

I’ll release her tomorrow as she’s still not finished and I’m really tired and lazy atm.

Mind if I remake the TF2 crew and replace them with the L4D models? This would be perfect!


I might make it so Blue is Survivor and Red Infected…

Sure, go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve decided to do them all first and release them in 1 pack.

Cheeseburger patch for Coach. Nice choice.

If you’re gonna put a patch on Ellis, make it like a horse’s head, or maybe a lug wrench since he’s a mechanic.