TF2 Intel Briefcase with handle turned up.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] TF2 Intel Briefcase with handle turned up.

[tab]Description:[/tab] TF2 Intel model hacked with the handle up and easy-to-pose collision model.

[tab]Includes:[/tab] TF2 Intel briefcase, HD skin.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Nirrti/Ilwrath (modelhack), {H.H} Boba Fett (HD skin) and the idea by Hairybastard/Mjans.


Nice. Always gotta love HD stuff.

I was looking for one of these, and I finally found one!

Good stuff

Font of “top secret” not good.

i bed to differ whats wrong with it its tf2 style…

Maybe its position, it does look like it was just slapped over the white part which makes it look like it glides over the little gap.

Nice, thanks, this will make making comics and stuff so much easier!

Someone should hack this on the Gman model to replace his briefcase. And use the Gman from this pack

Great idea and will come in handy. I remember a while back you did a pose with the Spy and the intel except you added a strap in with the sapper, that would be a pretty cool hack for the intel like this


This would be a must for some machinima’s.