TF2: intruder alert!

just another one )


without pyro

Posing is superb. Editing is pretty good. The map seems a bit… bland, though. Try to move outside the greenscreen room on Gm_construct.

You sure do know how to pull of that style.

That lighting and posing is orgasmic.

it’s on cp_bestinclass, pyro’s room. I wanted to pose in the absolutely black room with NO lightning except of my own.

I think it’s like…

Your editing and posing surpass mine, but I get the characters better… still trying to figure out what it is.

But your work is great!

The editing on the engineer’s glowe is the best I’ve seen.

I love your editing style.

Damn boy, what’s your graphics card if I may ask?

nice… I like the pyro behind the scout!

ATI Radeon Sapphire X1950 Pro 512mb

Another very amazing picture.

this is great

The whole pic is awesome. Your pics are awesome.

I love the pyro about to axe the scout

This looks pretty good!

Valve must really like the colour blue for eyes.

The lighting, camera angle, and posing are perfect.

Dude, this is so awesome.

Great, just like all your other screenshots.
I really can’t find any flaws to point out, it’s perfect.