TF2 items into filmmaker

yes, i’m about to do some promotional things in soruce filmmaker and i’m wondering is it possible to import files setup for TF2 into filmmaker? because i would assume they would need to compiled differently.

Have you used SFM before

that depends, does booting it up and looking at the interface count as use? then of course yes… i have played around with it a little but not much.

You should know TF2 is already in SFM. Its actually its base game. If you want to use some custom model and its not appearing, then I don’t know. The emporium guys know exactly know what to do since many people asked.

I mean seriously TF2 is in the SFM tutorials.

it would be custom models, as for emporium guys… i don’t know if you use that thread but most of them tend to almost ignore everything that isn’t related to their own projects but there are a few that don’t do this.

They ignore it because they don’t know how to fix it :v:

As to answer your original question, you shouldn’t need to recompile the models. There are also fixes for custom models that don’t work.

Right, Well i’ll just need to find out how to import custom models now.

Extract to usermod

so, what place the compiled file in usermods? sounds easy enough. i’m guessing they will need their dependences like textures and such.

You can just extract Materials and Models into usermod, so the materials and models folders from the sfm merge with yours, and the custom item should be in there, then you can look for said model in sfm.

when you say extract! you mean uncompilable state right… as in raw.

How helpless can you be?

Also what is with your fanaticism of raws?