TF2 Kick-Ass nurse Model

A friend of mine of Deviantart named Kimiko28 made this very Kick-ass version of the tf2 female medic, I was hoping anyone was willing to make it a ragdoll?

here’s the link–>

she just looks so fitting, I know there is a female medic already but I think this one look also fitting, with the whole “Mad Doctor” thing

Why does the medic have one arm?



comon guys Kimiko’s real nice lets be mature here, the one arm thing is wounded in battle :P, but seriously the Nurse Concept art look real sick

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Comon she’s real nice, I don’t care about her looks, she is a good artist!

size of dat nose mate

c’mon we’re all thinkin’ it B-)

I know, but Im jsut trying to be nice, but seriously what do you think about my request for a nurse model?

Only a headshot?

shes fat

no I mean this!

yes I know the pic is too damn big

The picture is pretty nice but trust me, you can’t get a ragdoll to look like that. Ever. 2D stuff usually looks really funky in 3D. Keep the picture, IMO.

And the description for the picture made me cringe so bad.

hmmmmmm Im sorry, just her bio just yerns “TF2”, she’s like the Medic in alot of ways, she can be kind but also psychotic, I know you can’t get a ragdoll to look like that but just, but something somewhat similar, you do not have to use the Garderbelt, I was just hopping for someone to make a ragdoll roughly similar to this, I am also willing to show a TF2 Pilot concept which could be made off of Soldier’s build if anyone is intrested

making that nurse and putting it as an extra class in the support section is like making a delicious sandwich with chicken, salad, all that good stuff you like and then taking the top slice off, squatting over it and pushing out a massive brown, steaming and pulsating dump onto it.

i disapprove of a /nurse/ character or model.

sorry man I just thought this would look cool, I never intend her to be part of the game, just something some Gmod movie maker might want to see, she’s not really a Nurse anyway just another female medic skin if you want to call it.

Isn’t there already a female medic model already floating around the Internet?

Oversized breasts?
As expected. Disappointing.

There’s already a female Medic though, just google around


ChemicalAlia did it ages ago, and unlike this it actually fits TF2 perfectly

Aw come on, don’t bash on that girl. Who cares if she thinks that a female version of the medic would be an oversexualized goth?

female medic = redundant

if it’s modeled and put into gmod only, fair enough, points for being a good modeler. but however it is a generic boring supa kawai female that most horny internet teens fap to so minus points on that.

the existing female doctor is better imo,