TF2 kill icons ?

Sorry to bother you guys with this, but i know there are a lot of smart people on these forums so i thought i would ask this here.

Can someone tell me where to find the “Kill” icons within the tf2 files, and what file type they are?

example: the pipe bomb launcher in this pic…

Thanks, hope someone can help me.

If I remember right, it’s not icons, but a font.

In team fortress 2 materials.gcf

and materials\HUD\dneg_images.vtf

I thought that maybe it could be a font, but i checked all the fonts that i could find within the gcf and none of them contained these. Perhaps i am not looking in the right place.

Thanks but surely those are not the only ones, those are all super blurry and small and look like shit. Somewhere there has to be more that are clearer and perhaps bigger. But thanks for replying and being helpful.

Also, whoever just gave us a dumb rating, you gave us a dumb rating which means you must know where to find them, why not give me the answer instead of simply being a cunt?

yeah i want yo know it too, and indeed the files are rather blurry and no black lines

Blurry, how is that blurry?


Someone made a very clever script that rates every post dumb. Also, it’s just a rating, get over it.

WOW, those are in fact Not blurry at all. But when i open them, they are totally blurry, wtf.

I was already “over it”
I am not worried at all about my rating, i couldn’t give a shit less about that. I merely thought at first that someone knew more info than we did and were calling us dumb rather than helping.

wow thats wild mine r blurry as hell

how did you extract them ? which program you using ?

well i was trying in vtf edit, and messed around with the channels. but all i got was black and white

Like this?

You’re using VTFEdit, right? Ctrl+M, that should do it.

thanks mate that worked :smiley:
finally we found them LOL

AH, ok, thanks heaps mate, champion!


Any idea how to make them do that in photoshop?
Never mind, found out how to in photoshop.

Thanks again