TF2 little replay feature thingy on gmod, is it possible?

as you may know that TF2’s little replay feature renders the recording similar to the source filmmaker i assume…as many of us are craving for this kind of stuff. what you do guys think…is it possible to get this little feature in gmod?

it will definitely be useful in gmod :slight_smile:

Would be useful as hell.

It’s on garry’s list of things to check out.

Never did quite figure out that Source recorder thing. I need a manual…
but yes, a default hotkey or some kind of UI would be handy for the Source Recorder in gmod.

Highly support this.

We need this made asap.

That would be very usefull, why is this not already in GMod?

there is a replay.dll, Maybe hes close to having it done?

i am going to go ape shit if its released :3

Hmm… Maybe it would be good.

I guess it would be better than the Source Recorder and not as hard to operate with all the console commands and stuff.

Source Recorder’s not hard.

I know how to use it. Although it’s just a pain remembering all the commands and shit and having to wait for the frames to finish.

Garry if you put Source Recorder in GMod I will be your best friend, forever.

It’s been in Gmod for, well, ever. :v:

No I meant, Source Filmmaker…

That isn’t even in TF2 yet

This would be excellent, as the Source Recorder’s AVI feature hasn’t been working for me for a while, and rendering everything out into a bunch of tga’s is a pain in the ass.