[TF2] Map keeps crashing on death

So i started working on my map and i made around 30% of it and i compiled it to try it and test.
I died, then map crashed, i asked a friend to join, he joined and when he died map crashed(That is whole TF2 crashed)
Is this maybe caused by something or is it just me?

If anyone had similar problems please tell.

You can solve the question if it’s only you by letting him host a game then kill himself, if he dies and crashes it’s the map

Okay il try

Its the map they crash too :confused:

Try just optimizing it, could always be an issue.

Y’all be using power 4 displacements? Don’t, make them smaller and use more all connected together if you want more detail. Power 4 displacements are not for general purpose mapping.

Yeah that’s it thanks a lot man