TF2 Map Thunder Mountain's Missing floor

Hey guys.

So Recently I loaded up Thunder Mountain in Garry’s Mod, and going to the area I wished to film in, I was presented with this scene

I’ve attempted to Verify the Cache’s of both Gmod and TF2, but to no avail. It should be noted that I am in a Dev build of Gmod, but even without, I am presented with the same problem. Is there anything I can do about it? Whether a permanent fix or an alternative,any help is appreciated

That’s the big destructible prop that’s used for the explosion animation, right? It looks like the prop isn’t actually enabled until the third stage starts, which’ll never happen in GMod since the gamemode logic doesn’t work.

You can probably force the model to show up anyway by doing something to it with the ent_fire console command. I’ll go take a look at it in-game and see if I can find a solution you can use.

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Okay, the best thing I could find was ent_fire explode_anim turnon;ent_fire explode_anim_tracks turnon, which enables the models for the “destroyed” version of the tower. Since it doesn’t play the explosion animation, it pretty much looks the same except for a bunch of cracks in some of the planks (particularly the part right at the top).

That’ll have to do, since the entity used to spawn the non-destroyed tower doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

I looked into it myself, and did verify that that particular area doesn’t load up until Stage 3 is reached (I went into TF2 and No clipped to that area, given the same sight as above).

Thanks again for your help!