TF2 Mapping Problems

I was making a map but I have 3 problems

  1. The Water and wood floors/walls have a pink-black texture reflection
  2. I see my map in the skybox (I have 1 building in the map yet but in the skybox I see the same but then bigger)
  3. Biggest problem, I added some stuff to my map and I cant compile it anymore, well I can but when its done its showing the older version of the map

Please post something if you have an awnser and Ill upload images if necassery

1.Put some env_cubemap entities in your map. Cubemaps are the reflection textures, and without them you’ll get this pink and black error textures.
2.Did you isolate the skybox properly? I recommend you to move the skybox pretty far away from the map if you’re sure you isolated it properly.
3.I don’t know what might be wrong with this one… maybe you changed the compiled map directory?

  1. I already have env_cubemaps
  2. I make a brush hollow so its isolated and its almost at the end of the map like I always do
  3. Never changed a damn thing :expressionless:

You must type buildcubemaps or something like that into the console ingame for them to be built.