Tf2 Maps

Ok so over the months that i have played Tf2 i have played on many custom maps that i thought would be awesome to use in gmod, is it possible to copy the maps file from tf2 and paste it in gmod so it would work on both games?

Yes. Both files are bsp, and will work in any source game.

make sure you got the textures as well if they are custom
And i think you will need a fix for tf2 textures as well because of them having the same names as the hl2 ones

But if it’s in gmod, tf2 textures would be mounted wouldn’t they?

hl2 textures get loaded over tf2s so expect shit to look weird

yeah but in the valve made maps the textures they had in tf2 has the same name as hl2 ones, cousing errors…

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