TF2 medic without glasses

Hi, folks - I tried to search to see if the medic has been done without glasses, but searches aren’t allowed unless you’re a “gold member”. (Bizarrely, that also means I can’t locate what is needed to become a “gold member”)

Anyway - has anyone got the ability to do me a TF2 medic without his glasses. If you could do a separate model of just the glasses, that would be cool too.

Please don’t be too tough on me if posting such a request breaks any house rules. I’v e had a three-year hiatus while real life gets in the way of fun…

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My son is about to disown me because a picture of Justin Bieber has appeared as my avatar. I’ll need to get rid of it. The shame…

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That’s better - JB is gone, replaced by JD (or at least, JD’s helmet)

Wouldn’t even require a model, just alpha out the glasses on medic_sheet.vtf.

Need to have been here for 2 years with 2000 posts.

Here is the Medic’s glasses as a prop