Tf2 Medigun Swep

Can any one make and upload a Tf2 medigun Swep to, please?

It’s been done. In future, use the search function.
Tf2 Sweps:

Tf2 Buildings:

yeah but those don’t heal npcs though, i want one that does and makes them invulnerable, hopefully someone can make the swep in both red and blue

For that, you would need models, if you want the player model to glow when invulnerable.

All you need is a material. No modeling needed.

Alot of materials.
Or some sort of omnious material that fits every NPC as an overlay without making them look bad.

maybe a team colored version of the AR2 alt-fire(combine ball) texture, could work, if not then shiny-white and team color

I dont know how to make Sweps or anything so I made this request, i wish i knew how to make things like everyone else, :frowning:

This would fit better in LUA requests.