TF2 Meet The Sniper effects turned physics props

Turned all the Meet The Sniper effect props into psychics props as a request,also includes a few bonus things I hacked off


Valve-Models and textures

Me-Giving physics and hacking things off


Well…I can’t really find the models in browse, due to the weird name of the folder they are in.
Which is pretty odd.

They should be in the folder “Meet The Sniper”

That folder does not appear ANYWHERE for me (while browsing).

You dropped the materials and models here?

“C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps-steamname-\garrysmod\garrysmod”

By that I mean I put the respective models into the models folder and materials into the materials folder.
Or to be more exact, I merged the materials folder in the rar with the other materials folder and the models folder with the other models folder.

DAD…dad…put mum on the phone…

These are great!

Although for me his van already was a model.

1.Extract to addons
2.Add info file from another addon in said folder

that’s a meme, dont you know that can get you banned?


However, I wish it wasnt bannable.

I never noticed the sword van reference there before.

I didn’t notice it ether until I opened the material sheet

Oh god Jason, this is awesome! Thank you!

thanks jason