TF2 model decompile. Need help.

So, I want to remodel pyro’s flaregun for video, but there is a problem, I can’t decompile it.

I was import, export, model, remodel models for source for long time, so please, obvious things like indst, I know already.

In the past, I remember there was no problem at all with tf2, but now I got “unable to load model” in mdldecompiler and hacked mdldecompiler, and studiocompiler just crash.

I can decompile models for example ep2, but not tf2.

So, are there working decompiler OR maybe someone got flaregun.smd or flaregun model from few years ago.

So I found 4th decompiler
And downloaded it from here
Did not change 0 to ,
And with all the magic, it worked!

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