TF2 model edits and fix

Hey all. I am currently working on a TF2 model edit and fix pack. I plan to fix some phys boxes on models, add some on other, add the update weapons addons (Backburner, Kritzkrieg, Natascha), and change parts of models so that they are different weapons.


Blutsauger Syringe
Ammo kits
Health Kits
Needle Gun Syringe
Soldier’s Medal
Demo hats
2nd flag
Arrow Pads
Supply Carts
Payload Cart
Payload wheels
Payload Dispenser
Payload Light
Full payload (with red, blue and neutral colours!)
KGB Gloves

Can’t do:
Medals - Valve deleted the original texture

Having problems with:
Sentry LV 2 phys box - not showing up
Rifle - looks weird
Payload Bomb - Trying to sort out a texture for the Red version

Ooh, nice ideas. After seeing the pictures of the Kritzkrieg, i was hoping that pole-looking tube would be sorted out. Maybe turn it into a ragdoll instead of a prop or something. Is that on any of your plans by any chance?

I could have a look at removing that actually part of the model, but unless someone gives me a guide for making ragdolls in MilkShape 3D, it will have to be a prop. ^^

I already did the bolt action rifle (scopeless sniper rifle). If you can, stick to achievement weapons I’d be grateful (TF2 hacks are my thing).

You didn’t release though, unless you planed to

Some more updates:

Put them all in a media thing and did the same with the ones in the OP.

Also, the ones I did are the ones with the blue lines around the model, not as giant boxes or non existant ones.

This is great!:dance: Keep us updated Omolong!

Also Omolong it seems like for the ammo respawn model with rockets you just used the polygons as the physics model. Wouldn’t that lag like hell if you spawned maybe 10 and put them in a container?

I don’t know. I just used the same model as the phys model because I don’t know how to create them from scratch.

Also, who would put 10 in 1 container?

I am still working on this, I have just been busy. Got Natascha to work and am having problems with the demo hats.

Sorry for triple post, but I now need someone to help me. I need a red team texture for the solitary payload bomb. Can anyone help with this?

There is already a red payload bomb. Get it by switching the skins.

There isn’t one for the bomb on it’s own though. The texture for the actual red payload cart has black parts over it, and I’m not good at texturing.

I will love you forever if you get this done.


Plan on fixing some lighting problems (like the afro) and fixing some team colours (like the grey dispenser thing and the supply cart).

You can put requests in as well you know.

I love you! I love you i love you!

Hey I have an idea. Since your fixing the Demoman hats, you should hex and fix the Demo hats in Daimao’s thread. His Demo hats may be effects as well

I am waiting for you to release this. I would love you forever if you did.


I can’t wait.

Hey, just a quick Q. Is it possible to fix the materials for the shelf models? If you don’t know what I mean, go to browse-Tf2-Props Farmland-Gibs. There is a bunch of gibs that are missing textures for some reason, I can’t get a pic as of now because Paint’s is being a bastard. Unless you don’t mind it being on lower quality

Best way to get the point across. Excuse the smallness

Yea why are they and some of the more deeply hidden models (like the c_models) missing textures, surely they must be in the GCF, has it become broken like the SLAM texture?