Tf2 model has missing textures in HMLV

So I spent about 10 minutes making a space marine ff2 hale (yes I know others exist but I’m making my own version). After compiling the model however when I view it in HMLV it has missing textures everywhere. I downloaded the model from this I’m only a very basic modeller so I don’t know what could’ve caused this, any help would be gladly appreciated. Image link

I just noticed that HMLV gives me this: ERROR model attempted to load one or more VMT’s it can’t find. Anyone knows what this means?

It means that the VMT’s are named differently than in the Software you used. What did you use?

I used blender for the model and crowbar to compile it.

Hallelujah! I managed to fix it after a while however the model’s textures look a bit iffy. They seem mostly fine but it appears to be a washed out white in some corners when it should be flat blue. Image