TF2 Models in Gmod

I have this problem where the TF2 models wont show up in Gmod. I click on the spawn icon, it makes the spawn sound, but no model spawns. I have TF2 installed, I made sure TF2 was checked in Gmod options, and yet nothing fixes the problem. If anyone has a solution it would be much appreciated.

You said you have it installed but do you own it? I don’t know if it would make a difference but it might.

Fresh install, have you played TF2 at all?

Which models aren’t spawning.

All the prop and character models. So basically everything in the TF2 spawnlist

Hmmm, I reckon your spawnlist is broken, what you should do is open “Browse” and click the little plus next to “Team Fortress 2” and then look for the model you want.

Thanks for the help everyone. I fixed my problem.