TF2 Models messed up?

My Soldier models are messed up, RED Soldier’s Head is grey-ish green and the BLU Soldier has the grey head AND messed up colors on his torso.
My HWM RED Spy has a green head.

Try to verify the files for Team Fortress 2 and GMod, and they turned out fine.
What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Here are some pics

Turn off Steam Cloud for TF2 and GMod.

Delete garrysmod/download. Disable all of your Workshop addons and remove your legacy addons in garrysmod/addons.

If none of that works, delete your tf2 folder and reinstall, and then delete your garrysmod folder and reinstall.

Thank you, code.
Turns out my Penis Cupcake and Suicide Soldier ragdolls messed him up along with The Mask Spy hex for the Green Spy.