TF2 Models Remodelling/Retexturing

Hey everyone, i kind of make long gmod videos on YouTube that take time with above average quality, so i’m thinking to do some minor TF2 Character Remodelling/Retexturing, the question is, which do you think is the best 3D Modelling software for that?! (3DsMax,Blender,etc), and how to convert The Models to one of those softwares?!

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’d probably be better off in the modelling section, this is mostly for lua code

3DSMax is the best modelling software really but it costs a ton and Blender works as well so you might want to choose Blender.

If you want to retexture the models that’s easy, just google ‘reskinning models’, but if you want to change the actual model it’s a bit harder. You first have to find the .mdl files. They’re packed into .vpk files where all the other TF2 files are located, so you have to open the .vpks using GCFScape. Then you need to use a .mdl decompiler in order to decompile the model so you can edit it in modelling program of your choice. I use Crowbar for this kind of stuff. After you’ve changed the model, you then need to recompile it and hope to god it works

It costs $0.00 for the student version.

I don’t know what the conditions are now, but I got a free 3 year student license for the 2012 version.

Yeah, but autodesk now asks for setup your school before you download it, last version i could “Legally” adquire was 2015