TF2 Models: Satan's Children bug

Hi guys! I’m running Gmod version 14.07.13 (steam-sanctioned FTP, many thanks based Gary!) and something very weird is going on with my TF2 models; the eye textures have either been replaced with a blank white one, or they’ve somehow been resized in the most bizarre fashion. They look like demon possessed freaks and eye poser doesn’t do anything to them.

This is what they all look like:

The same bug happens to whatever other TF2 ragdoll/model/npc/player model addons I download, and it only happens to TF2 characters, except for Olivia Mann and Saxton Hale.

And also Medic. Medic is giving me puppydog eyes from every single angle.

I’m hoping to start creating gmod movies soon and this is basically an insurmountable obstacle. I tried deleting and re-installing TF2, and I deleted and reinstalled all my extra TF2-related addons (“the mask” addon for spy really messed with the spy’s textures too, haven’t bothered reinstalling that one) but the problem persists. Any suggestions as to how I fix this?